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Manufacturer of; top drive valves, one & two piece kelly valves, one & two piece IBOP valves, tubing & drill pipe safety valves, integral single & double side entry subs, saver subs & pump-In subs, swivels.

Kelly Valve One & Two Piece
M&M International • mmi one piece kelly valves

Our one-piece Canister Guard® kelly valves are extremely versatile and can be utilized in multiple drill stem applications including use as upper/lower kelly cocks, upper/lower top drive valves, stabbing valves, or as mudsaver valves.

IBOP One & Two Piece
M&M International • mmi one piece IBOP

M&M’s one-piece IBOP offers all of the same functionality of a two-piece design but offers several key benefits. A one-piece design allows the IBOP to be shorter, creates a possibility for smaller outside diameters and eliminating the service break allows for quicker disassembly because there are no tourqing issues any tourqing requirements because there is no service break. One-piece IBOP’s require less manufacturing time and therefore a faster delivery is possible.

Drill Pipe Safety Valves two Piece
M&M International • mmi one piece IBOP

M&M International designs and manufactures our two-piece Canister Guard® safety valves, with tubing, casing or drill pipe connections with inside ball diameters ranging from 1.75” to 8.75” and in many outside diameter and length combinations.

Side Entry Subs Single & Double
M&M International • mmi integral single double side entry sub v2

M&M stocks the large rough forgings we use to make our single and dual side-entry subs. Forgings create a stronger product than normal hot-rolled bar. Making side-entry subs from forgings results in shorter lead times because it allows manufacturing to begin when the material is closer to its finished size while removing the need for post heat treating.

M&M International • mmi swivels

M&M manufactures swivels with inside diameters ranging from under 2.00” to 6.50” at working pressures up to 15,000 psi.
M&M assures the integrity of all swivel designs by utilizing the highest quality components and raw materials.


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